General Options

At the command line:

$ pip install pymoskito

Or, if you have virtualenvwrapper installed:

$ mkvirtualenv pymoskito
$ pip install pymoskito

From the repository:

$ git clone
$ python install

For Windows

PyMoskito depends on Qt5 and VTK .

Qt5 is already included in the most python distributions, to have an easy start we recommend to use Winpython .

The wheel for the VTK package (Version >= 7) can be obtained from . It can be installed using the Winpython Control Panel or directly via:

$ pip install VTK-VERSION_NAME_HERE.whl

from your winpython shell.


Missing dependencies (windows)

If the provided packages on your system are to old, pip may feel obligated to update them. Since the majority of packages now provide ready to use wheels for windows on pypi this should work automatically. If for some reason this process fails, you will most certainly find an appropriate wheel here . After downloading just navigate your shell into the directory and call:

$ pip install PACKAGE_NAME.whl

to install it.

Missing vtk libraries (linux)

If importing vtk fails with something similar to:

>>> Import Error: vtkIOAMRPython module not found

then look at the output of:

$ ldd PATH/TO/SITE-PKGS/vtk/

to see which libs are missing.