Simulation Core

class pymoskito.simulation_core.SimulationStateChange(**kwargs)[source]

Object that is emitted when Simulator changes its state.

Keyword Arguments:
  • type

    Keyword describing the state change, can be one of the following

    • init Initialisation
    • start : Start of Simulation
    • time : Accomplishment of new progress step
    • finish : Finish of Simulation
    • abort : Abortion of Simulation
  • data – Data that is emitted on state change.
  • info – Further information.
class pymoskito.simulation_core.Simulator(settings, modules)[source]

This Class executes the time-step integration.

It forms the Core of the physical simulation and interacts with the GUI via the :py:class:’‘SimulationInterface`

Calculated values will be stored every 1 / measure rate seconds.


Start the simulation.


Stop the simulation.